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The services of Poorvika Mobiles were started in 31st march 2004. Kodambakkam was the first place where the first showroom was started with 6 staff members. The basic reason behind purvika mobile to achieve a set target was levied on factors of perfect planning along with customer care services that presents an Excellency. Keeping these aspects in mind, the company moved forward with an attempt to get established and win the trust of customers completely. The aim was not just to make the products available in the market.

Once Poorvika Mobile was confident that it is much capable of expanding its services, it moved ahead with an intention to open various showrooms all across the major areas of Chennai. It has made every single effort in order to reach minds of the Chennai locals and establish completely as franchise brand. The company has also called for number of retail outlets that will assist them in expanding its business. All across the Chennai city the brand is spread producing phones to accessories giving you complete space to download.

Poorvika Mobiles

The showroom of Poorvika mobile world is a multi branded one having collection of world class features.  The company is providing you with all major brands that include mobiles of Nokia, Samsung and various other popular ands well known brands.  The focus of the owners of Purvika mobile is more towards making the brand apt up to customer’s satisfaction. It provide services that are available for all the. With the perfect display of purvika mobile showroom allows the customers to enjoy the view.

Purvika is making a new way of towards enhancing its services and laying back the footprints. At present, purvika mobiles are considered as the real players who are playing with majority attraction from customers.  It is also said the purvika mobiles is now considered as the one stop mobile shop for all the visitors as well as competitor companies who are dealing in mobiles and accessories.

Poorvika Mobiles With Price

Poorvika mobile are encouraged is a manner that they finally attain a position of world class service providers in mobile retail chain outlet. Proper care and maintenance is done in order to establish a margin. It makes all possibilities for a person to purchase a mobile phone at a reasonable rate. A person can search for a good handset at an unbelievable price. Moreover, it is having some new models too that can attract people a lot. Poorvika Mobiles with price play business ethics that may satisfy a large number of people.

Poorvika Mobiles In Chennai

Poorvika Mobiles are having their stores in Chennai as well. They are giving more opportunities to the residents of Tamil Nadu to purchase mobiles at a cheaper rate through their stores. In this context, they are having their own website through which people can get big deals on purchasing their favorite handsets. Thus, Poorvika Mobiles are not only serving to a part of state or an area, they are serving in a large area to get maximum satisfaction and to provide cheaper handsets to the people. Moreover, it is providing many mobile accessories too. They are of good quality and of long durability too. The major incentive of the company lies in making the customers realize purvika as one option.

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