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Poorvika Mobiles Price List

Poorvika Mobiles Price List is affordable and convenient for most of the people. They are allowing various discounts and offers on the mobiles that they are selling. As it is having handsets of all quality and of different brands, they are charging an affordable price from its customers. Most of the customers are having satisfaction after purchasing mobiles from Poorvika mobiles. Poorvika Mobiles Price List is attracting many other people too.

Poorvika Mobiles Price List

A person can get the details about the mobiles and about its features on the website of the company. It is having all the leading brands and some special offers too. Poorvika Mobiles Price List is also available over there. Thus, poorvika mobiles are serving their customers with all those possibilities through which they can purchase mobiles easily.

Brand Name Mobile Model Mobile Price
NOKIA Nokia LUMIA 800 Rs.28299
Nokia E7 Rs.25471
Nokia N8 Rs.18866
Nokia 701 Rs.17731
Nokia E6 Rs.16983
Nokia LUMIA 710 Rs.15237
Nokia 603 Rs.14284
Nokia C6 - 01 Rs.14266
Nokia C6 Rs.12914
Nokia 500 Rs.9523
Nokia E5 Rs.9152
Nokia C5 - 03 Rs.8570
Nokia C5 Rs.7620
Nokia X3 - 02 Rs.7617
Nokia C3 Rs.6441
Nokia C5 - 05 Rs.6188
Nokia 300 ASHA Rs. 6152
Nokia 5233 Rs.6057
Nokia C2-06 Rs.5211
Nokia X2 Rs.4807
Nokia C2-03 Rs.4421
Nokia 200 ASHA Rs.4327
Nokia C2-01 Rs.4115
Nokia C2-02 Rs.3941
Nokia X2-01 QWERTY Rs.3555
Nokia X2-02 Rs.3270
Nokia C2-00 Rs.2498
Nokia C1-01 Rs.2172
Nokia X1-01 Rs.1825
Nokia 101 Rs.1440
Nokia 100 Rs.1155
Nokia 1280 Rs.961
SONY ERICSSON Sony Ericsson ARC S LT18I Rs.27999
Sony Ericsson XPERIA ARC Rs.23000
Sony Ericsson MK16I Rs.19999
Sony Ericsson NEO V MT11I Rs.17999
Sony Ericsson XPERIA RAY Rs.17999
Sony Ericsson ACTIVE Rs.16000
Sony Ericsson COCONUT Rs.14549
Sony Ericsson MINIPRO Rs.14499
Sony Ericsson SMULTRON Rs.13499
Sony Ericsson X10 MINIPRO Rs.10000
Sony Ericsson W8 Rs. 9295
Sony Ericsson HAZEL Rs.9000
Sony Ericsson TXT PRO Rs.7299
Sony Ericsson GREENBIRD Rs.6499
Sony Ericsson ZYLO Rs.6396
Sony Ericsson TXT CK13I Rs.6249
Sony Ericsson YENDO Rs.4800
SAMSUNG Samsung P7500 GALAXY TAB Rs.33890
Samsung N7000 NOTE Rs.33350
Samsung I9100 GALAXY S II Rs.31520
Samsung P6200 TAB PLUS Rs.26420
Samsung I9001 GALAXYSPLUS Rs.22560
Samsung I9103 GALAXY R Rs.21700
Samsung I9003 GALAXY S Rs.18810
Samsung S8600 WAVE 3 Rs.16220
Samsung S8530 Rs.15970
Samsung I8350 OMNIA W Rs.15500
Samsung S5830 GALAXY ACE Rs.13160
Samsung B7722 DUOS Rs.10500
Samsung S5670 GALAXY FIT Rs.9720
Samsung S5570 GALAXY POP Rs.8500
Samsung S5360 5PANEL Rs.8050
Samsung S5360 GALAXY Y Rs.7640
Samsung S5620 MONTE Rs.7340
Samsung S5380 WAVE Y Rs.7130
Samsung C6712 STAR II Rs.6290
Samsung S5253 Rs.6200
Samsung W259 Rs.6200
Samsung S3850 CORBY II Rs.5880
Samsung S3770 CHAMP Rs.5600
Samsung S5263 Rs.5500
Samsung S5233 Rs.4870
Samsung C3752 Rs.4780
Samsung W169 Rs.4650
Samsung E2652 Rs.4540
Samsung C3530 Rs.4340
Samsung C5212 Rs.4310
Samsung C3330 Rs.4090
Samsung C3312 Rs.3970
Samsung C3303 Rs.3770
Samsung C3222 Rs.3660
Samsung C3200 Rs.3600
Samsung C3322 Rs.3520
Samsung E2550 Rs.3460
Samsung E2222 CHAT Rs.3050
Samsung F219 Rs.2740
Samsung E2152 Rs.2720
Samsung C3011 Rs.2570
Samsung E2232 Rs.2190
Samsung E2230 Rs.1990
Samsung E1085 Rs.1210
Samsung E1081 Rs.1010
Samsung S7250 WAVE M Rs.0
HTC EVO 3D Rs.34125
HTC DESIRE S S510E Rs.22466
HTC CHA CHA Rs.11928
APPLE Apple IPHONE 4S 64GB Rs.57500
Apple IPHONE 4S 32GB Rs.50900
Apple IPHONE 4S 16GB Rs.44500
Apple IPHONE 4 8GB Rs.37900
Apple IPHONE 3GS 8GB Rs.20900
FLY MOBILES Fly MV122 Rs.2000
Fly MV248 Rs.1999
BLACKBERRY Black Berry 9900 BOLD Rs.33009
Black Berry 9860 TORCH Rs.28292
Black Berry 9800 Rs.26000
Black Berry 9790 BOLD IV Rs.25692
Black Berry 9780 Rs.22888
Black Berry 9380 CURVE Rs.19617
Black Berry 9360 CURVE Rs.18770
Black Berry 9300 CURVE 3G Rs.14944
Black Berry PLAYBOOK Rs.12607
Black Berry 8520 GEMINI Rs.10567
KARBONN Karbonn K1616 Rs.4500
Karbonn K33 Rs.3100
Karbonn K25I Rs.3000
Karbonn KD10 Rs.2600
Karbonn K662 Rs.2600
Karbonn K505 Rs.2000
Karbonn K9 Rs.1999
Karbonn K91 Rs.1950
Karbonn K280 Rs.1790
Karbonn K102 Rs.1750
Karbonn K220 Rs.1400
Karbonn K110 Rs.1300
MICROMAX Micromax A75 Rs.8700
Micromax X78 Rs.4800
Micromax Q75 Rs.3000
Micromax X288 Rs.2500
Micromax X285 Rs.2400
Micromax X271 Rs.2300
Micromax X265 Rs.2300
Micromax X222 Rs.2200
Micromax C114 Rs.1400
VIDEOCON Videocon V1531 Rs.2200
Videocon V1451 Rs.1999
Videocon V1431 Rs.1600
Videocon V1411 Rs.1400
LAVA MOBILES Lava A16 Rs.4000
Lava A 10 Rs.4000
Lava B8 Rs.3000
Lava C 30 Rs.2999
Lava M20 Rs.2500
Lava ARC 05 Rs.1800
Lava ARC - 03 Rs.1699
ONIDA Onida F101 Rs.3500
Onida F099 Rs.3000
Onida KYS 70 Rs.2800
Onida KYT005 Rs.2300
Onida G502 Rs.1800
CELKON Celkon C88 Rs.3500
Celkon C77 Rs.2999
Celkon I9 Rs.2500
Celkon C33 Rs.1700
Celkon C444 Rs.1700
Celkon C205 Rs.1500
Celkon C100 Rs.1300

Poorvika Mobiles Chennai Price List

For the residents of Chennai, there are some special offers available with them. They are offering various schemes through which people of Chennai can get the mobiles easily. These schemes are attracting a large number of people towards purchasing mobiles through Poorvika Mobiles Chennai Price List. This list is there on the newspapers or on the website of Poorvika Mobiles too. Thus, after watching the Poorvika Mobiles Chennai Price List, a person can purchase the mobile in a good way.

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